B i o g r a p h y

Brazilian Butoh dancer, actor, performer and director with 20 years of experience. Bachelor in Theater at the University of Brasilia in 2003, studied theater, dance, dance-theater, dramatic body mime, Butoh, circus, Martial Arts, and vertical dance. Physical trainer of performers specialized in the Brazilian technique Integral Bambu. Master degree in Communication and Semiotics at Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo in 2016.


In his artistic works he is specialized in the development of site-specific performances in the urban architecture of the city. In this field he developed: DREAMS of MACBETH, Art Museum of the Republic, Dec/07; UIRAPURU BAMBU, Memorial of the Indigenous Peoples, Sep/08; THE LETTER OF THE FOLL AS AnANGEL, Ministry of Sports, Aug/10; ILUMINARI - THE TREE OF ANGELS, Cathedral of Brasilia, Sep/13. All of them in Brasilia, Brazil.


In 2009 he was awarded 1st prize in the FUNART grant (National Arts Foundation) and 2nd place in the FAC/SECULT-DF (Cultural Support/ Culture Secretariat of the Government of Brasilia). In 2010 he was considered "the sensation" of the International Festival of Contemporary Scene Theater by the
Brazilian critics. In 2013, he was ranked first in the call for FAC/SECULT-GDF in
the category of Innovation and Transversalities in the field of the arts. In 2014,
he was awarded 3rd place in the selection of scholarships for masters at the Pontifical University of São Paulo where he studied until 2016. In 2017, he was
selected for a scholarship of the government of Brasilia to study in Italy for a


In the last 3 years, he studied Brazilian popular culture with Antônio Nóbrega, Sei Tai Ho with Toshi Tanaka and cultural anthropological conceptions of the human body at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC/SP). Since 2017, he is based in Vienna and has been studying Butoh Dance with Atsushi Takenouchi at the Jinen Butoh School in Italy and other places in Europe.

Since July 2018, he is based in Vienna. In August he performed with the New Opera of Vienna as an actor and acrobat/dancer. Since September of 2018, he has been teaching Butoh Dance in his “Hybrid Body Language” workshop at Tanzhotel and “Bamboo Flow – organic body training” at Phoenix Circus Arts Center.

Will Lopes - Kagebara Butoh Perfomance - Tempio di Minerva, Toscana - Italy (Mar/18)