Body Revolution

Archaic memories in movement
Where does a revolution begin if not in the body?

“Nikutai no hanran” in Japanese translates into English as "Rebellion of the Body" or "Body Revolution". It was one of the terms Tatsumi Hijikata used when he started founding what today is known as Butoh Dance.

The idea of a revolution that starts in the body will be shared in the short workshop, but a more in-depth exploration of the theme will be offered in this retreat. We will work with the archaic registry of our physical presence with the aim of transforming them into dance. The movement that emerges from the profundity of the body will be an expression of this revolution, flowering on the surface in a poetic manifestation.

Neuro-motor, choreographic, sensitive, imaginary, dreamlike, spiritual, archaic, alive, existential, ritual - these are some of the layers and dimensions that Butoh Dance works with and that will be addressed in this retreat. Jinen Butoh Dance exercises by Atsushi Takenouchi, created and developed in response to his contact with Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno, will be the basic tools of our work.

The objective of the retreat is the creation of Butho solos, as well as group work that will be realized in the form of a ritualistic performance in the natural surroundings or performing interventions in urban environments and architectures

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