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"I Will" - Foreign Portrait

Film/ Performance/ Installation

This is a project created by Brazilian director Will Lopes and developed with Bosnian photographer Dino Rekanović and the Vienna Art Association Ditiramb. It is a work in progress that has been under development since March 2021, with the creation of a screenplay and photographic experiments.


In August 2021, the artists worked with Italian filmmaker Ilaria Vergani for a week in an artistic residency in Vienna. In October 2021, the project had its first production as a photographic exhibition at the Rotlicht Analog Photography Festival in Vienna. In March 2022, the project participated in the first Mosaique event by the cultural space Das Lot, to showcase ideas and processes and exchange raw work states. The project has had some experiments already performed as a multimedia installation, in December at the Hybrid Butoh Vienna Art Festival 2022, and also at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw (23/Apr).


Currently, the artists are preparing to film the dance part of the short movie to be completed in October 2023. In this stage, a new page of the project opens: to transform the final film and photographic exhibition into a dance performance and multimedia installation to tour internationally, passing through cities in border conflicts and immigration issues.

Conceptually, its a reflection on the cultural, social and political concept of edges, borders, belonging, integration and acceptance. Based on the poetic testimony of an immigrant artist who has recently arrived in Europe, the project starts from a personal context, passes through social and political contexts to reach an archetypal level of conflict. Wouldn't the migratory movement be part of human nature, currently imprisoned by cultural and political contexts? What are the margins for? What defines our borders? How to deal with these conflicts that are established in these intersections?

Produced by: .ditiramb
Script, Performance and Direction: Will Lopes
Colaboration: Ilaria Vergani

1st Assistent: Andressa Viana

2nd Assistent: Rafael Frasão

Photography & Camera: Dino Rekanović
Camera 2: Amar Tahirović
Camara Assistance: Bojan Stekić
Assistance: Goran Bećirčić

Editing and Color correction: Amar Tahirović

Choreography Assistant: Christa Stöffelbauer

Performance: 70min

Meet The Team

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Will Lopes

Performance and Direction

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Captura de Tela 2022-10-28 às 20.41.02.png

Dino Rekanović

Photography & Camera

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