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Rappel is a French word that means: the technique of descending through ropes. From this technique, the workshop aims to offer the participant basic notions of rappel in order to develop movements of dances and acrobatics dances

in the air and on the vertical ground.

The concept of "dance" arises from the need to undo the rigid or static posture of rappel practice, adapting the movements to the device and the body, seeking fluidity as a primordial point. It is also called vertical dance, as it brings different ways of aerial displacement, with the support base in the vertical direction, which allows the inevitable discovery of endless figures and shapes. From the fluidity of the movement, the vertical acrobatic movement of turns and jumps applied in a vertical plane is explored.

Basic Module

It aims to generate conditioning for the practice of dance, interpretation and acrobatics by approaching the participant with rappel techniques, body awareness, using weight transfer and dance fundamentals for an organic performance of aerial activities.

Practitioner Module

The class has a more choreographic character with exercises of small sequences of movements that gradually come together in order to develop rhythm, resistance, mobility and logical reasoning.



• Physical fitness for practice.


William Lopes

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