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Atualizado: 8 de out. de 2018

Dance, Theatre, Butoh, Performance.

This is happening in Vienna the first workshop of dramatic performances of the butoh dancer and theater director Will Lopes. In this workshop, Lopes try to Break up the barriers between separated expressive languages and creating from what the individual bodies contain, while drawing from the technical possibilities each area offers. The idea is to develop a hybrida performance language, mixing these defensive areas. So the artist has been working for 20 years in Brazil and now offers to Vienna the possibility of sharing his research.

In the course of four 3 hour workshops, we are going to dive into the worlds of physical theatre, contemporary dance, Butoh and performance, following the paths that cross these fields and connect them in search of a hybrid aesthetic language. Using specific, selected exercises that reference and develop movement textures, elaborating action scripts and choreographic sketches, bringing them to life as ritualistic Butoh performances, we will arrive at solos and collective creations.


Saturdays, 10.00 - 13.00

29/09 ...from physical theatre to dance theatre 20/10 ...from dance theatre to Butoh dance 10/11 ...from Butoh dance to ritual performance 24/11 performance creation

Where? TANZ*HOTEL, Zirkusgasse 35, 1020 Vienna ;)

1 workshop: 50,- 2 workshops: 90,- 3 workshops: 130,- all 4 sessions: 160,-

info & registration:

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