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This week, Will Lopes will be in Crema in Italy opening the first International Butoh Dance Festival "TranmutationS". With his solo KAGEBARA, premiered in May at the Tempio di Minerva in Tuscany, and present in France and Brazil, the artist presents the festival with his newest creation.

KAGEBARA is a dramatic Butoh dance performance in which the actor represents and embodies archetypal forms of human existence in times of conflict, war and internal revolution confronted with the inevitable death. When the social being dies, what layers of chaos, dreams, reason and madness give wings to the free spirit dancing?

The soul lost in the shadow world, the masculine at war, the feminine in oppression, the animal in revolution and the spirit in free flight towards eternal light are the main scenes that compose this solo. The piece recounts the archetypal human search for transmutation anda liberation from the dimensions that enslave us and the encounter with our free existence.

TRANSMUTATIONS International Butoh Dance Festival

Crema - Italy

Fondazione San Domenico - Via Verdelli 4

19h - Friday 12 October 2018 following Improvisation dance and live music with Will Lopes, Ursula Pehlke, Maruska Ronchi dancing Stefano Carniti, Giordano Costi, Filippo Guerini, Mauro Pamiro

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