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Will Lopes is Bamboo Flow - Vienna

Atualizado: 9 de out. de 2018

Connecting expressions from dance, yoga, acrobatics, massage and fascial training.

Try it out yourself ;-)

After 10 years teaching classes and conducting shows in Brazil, inside da Integral Bambu System, Will Lopes launches its brand in Europe. This is "Bamboo Flow - Organic Body Training" . Bamboo Flow comes from the Brazilian Body Training System called Integral Bambu. This system started in 2000 and is practised in various hubs throughout the country. It has also been used in performances and installations. Influences include somatic practices, yoga, pilates, martial arts, parcour, circus and contemporary dance.

Bamboo Flow is about reclaiming and expanding the natural movement possibilities of the human body. It trains force, coordination, motricity, body conscience and self-care with the aim of contributing to a better quality of life in a sustainable way.

Watch some videos and know a little of our practice

Bamboo Flow - YOGA

Yoga is one influence of our pratices on the bamboo pyramid. Massage, stretching, functional movements, natural habilities, parkour, dance, performace and artistic expressions are some other areas of our research. #integralbambu #bambuflow

Bamboo Flow - MASSAGE

Some possibilities of massage / fascial work on the bamboo pyramid.

#integralbambu #bambuflow

Bamboo Flow - Acrobatic Movements

A few movements of the vast repertoire of our practices. About the pleasure of playing in the pyramid ;)

#integralbambu #bambuflow

Bamboo Flow - Dance Performance

An example of the development of different bamboo structures for dance, artistic performances of our practice. "Web - Paralaxes do Imaginário" from Cia We at Bambu. Will Lopes' latest work with Cia in Brazil. #integralbambu #bambuflow

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